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Over 30 years later, the brightly polished Stainless Steel familiar shape of a Magma Grill can be seen from Newport to New South Wales, from Cape Cod to Cape Horn, from the South of France to San Francisco. That original charcoal grill is still available and is now complimented with several round and rectangular propane models. There are mounting devices to accommodate any possible boating need, tables to help prepare and to serve your "Marine Cuisine" on board, Umbrellas to keep you shaded while doing so, and anti-roll devices to steady the boat while you enjoy your favorite meal.

In 1999, the brothers introduced their first residential barbeque, the Del Mar. Not surprisingly, in 2002 it won a gold medal from the American Culinary Institute for "Best Pedestal Barbeque", then repeated this accomplishment in 2003. The "Del Mar" is of the highest quality stainless steel constructions and compliments any outdoor décor. It is, like that original charcoal grill of 1976, innovative in design and function.

The most important product that Magma has produced in the last quarter century, however, has been confidence. Our customers have confidence that the products that they buy from Magma are of the very highest quality.

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