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Antrola Pty Ltd was formed in 1983 as a wholesale supplier of automotive additives, oils and truck washes into the Australian state of NSW. It was introduced to the Inox product in 1985 and took on NSW distribution at that time for the product.

 The successful sales growth of the Inox products saw Antrola shut down its wholesale operation in NSW and move to Queensland, to be involved solely in the marketing of Inox for the Australian market.This liason saw the range of products grow from the original two products Inox MX3 lubricant and MX2 battery conditioner to the complete range that is now available, not only in Australia but in 15 countries overseas.

 In late 2010 the opportunity for a change in direction for Antrola Pty Ltd presented itself and the company purchased the rights for distribution into the New Zealand market.

 It is our aim to bring to New Zealand our expertise in the knowledge of the product not only to the retail outlets but to the end user market as well.

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