Rocna Fisherman Plough Anchor W/Trip - 6Kg 13.5Lb

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Rocna Fisherman, Rock & Reef Retrievable anchor- designed as a specialist anchor for fishermen & divers who re-anchor frequently during the day.

The Rocna Fisherman features a shackle rail for easier recovery of a fouled anchor.

Choose the Rocna Fisherman:

-For smaller boats that re-anchor frequently.
-For easier anchor retrieval in difficult conditions.
-For day trips rather than extended cruising.

Finish: Galvanized
Sizes Available: 4kg & 6kg (9lb - 13lb)


-The shackle rail allows you to retrieve the anchor from the opposite direction if the anchor becomes fouled.
-Secure attachment point.
-Rocna’s famous holding power.

The Rocna Fisherman offers two modes:

Retrievable mode - using the shackle rail, for use when you believe the anchor is likely to become fouled (not to be used for overnight anchoring or if the boat is to be left unattended).
Secure mode - using the secure attachment point designed for overnight anchoring.

Rocna original Plough Anchor Sizing Guide: (1 Tonne=1000kg)
*Please refer to the image to help in your selection also.

To choose the correctly sized Rocna, match your vessel’s length with the most appropriate displacement range, also bearing in mind conditions of intended use (if in doubt, give preference to the larger anchor model).

For multi-hulls: use the chart as instructed, then select the model one size larger.

Tips from Rocna:
Chain: As a minimum, we recommend using medium tensile / G40 / High Test chain with your Rocna anchor. (If it is available, practical and affordable, high tensile / G70 chain is preferable as it is a lighter weight to carry). For more information, see the Smart Marine Crew.

Rocna's sizing philosophy: Sizing recommendations are intended to provide an anchor adequate for use in most all conditions.

Sizing larger anchors: For Rocna anchors 150kg and larger, the sizing calculation becomes somewhat more complicated and it is suggested that anchor selection be based on RINA Rules, Part B, Chapter 10, Section 4, as appropriate for SHHP (Super High Holding Power) anchors.  After calculating a vessel's EN (Equipment Number) per the RINA Rules, the appropriate anchor can be selected as follows:

- Rocna 150 (150kg, 330lbs) - Appropriate for EN 90 - 110
- Rocna 150 (150kg, 330lbs) - Appropriate for EN 90 - 111
- Rocna 150 (150kg, 330lbs) - Appropriate for EN 90 - 112

Rocna strongly encourage that you seek further assistance from a professional familiar with ground tackle selection for larger vessels and the application of the RINA rules. See the Smart Marine Crew for assistance in your selection.

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