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Gamakatsu Octopus Circle Hooks Bulk Pack - Pack Of 25

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Extremely sharp and designed to cause Solid hook-ups in the corner of the fish's jaw.

This is a special Gamakatsu designed wide gape circle hook for recreational and sport fishing. The circle design of the octopus circle hook leads to solid hookups in the corner of the fishes' jaw. This part of the jaw is the best location for hook placement and fish rarely throw the hook from this hookset. The fishing technique suited to these hooks is not to strike at bites but to allow the fish to swim away with the bait. In this senario, as the fish swims away from the angler and the line gradually tightens, the circle hook rotates in its mouth and lodges securely in the fishes' corner jaw. This "self-setting" hook is taking recreation and sport fishing by storm, novices can now fish as well as the experts as the rod can easily be fished unattended or simply held without striking.

The methods used in creating Gamakatsu hooks is what makes it so superior:

Made from the most premium grade of carbon steel. This material not only contains a higher percentage of carbon, but also has very few impurities.This insures against any blemishes in the metal which can weaken the hook. The life of a fish hook is measured by the sharpness, hardness, and viscosity of the point. Using low quality materials results in points that are weak and not truly sharp. In order to use High Carbon steel, Gamakatsu developed a unique electronic tempering process which enables hooks to be tempered in a stable condition. As a result, Gamakatsu is able to manufacture consistently high quality, extremely sharp hooks in large quantities. This innovation has earned Gamakatsu a 70 % market share in Japan.

Secondly, Gamakatsu has the most advanced tempering system in the world. Every hook is heated to the exact temperature that is perfect for that particular style and size then cooled in oil. This process produces hooks which are super strong, but not brittle. It is extremely difficult to achieve a balance between strength and flexibility, and it took many years for Gamakatsu to perfect this process.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, our sharpening process is the most modern in the world, and results in a perfectly conical point that is unequaled in sharpness.


  • High Carbon steel
  • Offset bend
  • Extremely sharp
  • Sizes 5/0,6/0,7/0 and 8/0 - 25 piece packs
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