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Sorberbarrier Engine Sound Insulation Matting-32/Al/8Kg (1X1.3Mtr)

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8kg/m2, 32mm thick Sound Sorberbarrier Aluminium Faced Sound Insulation Sheet Suitable for diesel engines!


Noise control can be a complicated business, sometimes it requires a transmission loss barrier and at other times, an absorber to soften the noise and control any reverberant noise build up, and there are times when the problem requires both of these approaches to achieve the best result.

This is where Pyrotek's range of composite barrier/absorber materials come to the fore as they are designed to deal with these situations in the most effective and economical way. Applications such as compressor, generator or plant rooms, mobile machinery cabins and marine craft engine rooms all need this treatment to ensure the well being of those in the enclosed area, as well as those outside of it.



  • Hydrolysis resistant foam outlasts conventional acoustic foam threefold
  • Highly flexible barrier layer equals high transmission loss
  • Flame-resistant surface layer, recommended for marine use
  • Unique manufacturing technique ensures total fusion of the foam to the barrier
  • Excellent noise reduction per given thickness of product



  • Product Name: SOUNDBARRIER
  • Surface Finish: Plain foam, polyurethane film, aluminised polyester, foil, perforated vinyl, reinforced aluminium foil
  • Barrier Weight: 8.0 kg/m²
  • Product Size: 1.30 x 1.0 m
  • Foam Thickness: 32 mm (polyether hydrolysis resistant)
  • Flammability (AS 1530.3, 1989): Ignitability Index = 0
  • Spread of flame index = 0
  • Heat evolved index = 0
  • Smoke developed index = 0-1


Construction and performance:
The decoupled high mass barrier layer ensures maximum reduction in the transmission of the sound wave through the structure to which it is attached, while the hydrolysis-resistant acoustic foam material reduces the noise effect and any reverberant noise build-up within the enclosed space by absorbing the airborne sound waves.

Soundsorber Barrier is a composite product comprised of two layers of acoustic foam (SoundsorberTM) and a single flexible barrier. This composite is designed to provide maximum noise reduction in the hardest environment. Soundsorber Barrier is a composite material, comprising of a 6mm Decoupling layer with Barium loaded vinyl and acoustic top layer of foam. The materials applications include Engine rooms for the marine market, generator,compressor enclosures, plant rooms. Applications where the use of an effective absorber and transmission barrier are required.


These composites can be adhered to the substrate with factory-supplied pressure-sensitive adhesives for temperatures up to 120°C. It is recommended that contact adhesive "Sorberbond" or mechanical fasteners (hanger pins) be used for these heavy loaded composites in overhead applications. These products can easily be cut with a sharp knife and can be die cut into any complex shape.


*Flammability results based on tests carried out on Soundsorber NA25AL

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