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Sika 209 Sealant Primer- 250Ml (Black)

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Primes painted and plastic surfaces before Sikaflex appilcation.



  • Sika® Primer-209 is a black pigmented liquid of low viscosity which dries by reaction with atmosperic moisture. It is used to prime painted surfaces and plastic substrates prior to bonding with Sikaflex® products.

Performance characteristics

  • Sika Primer 209 is particularly effective in promoting adhesion of Sikaflex 265 to transparent and translucent plastics and protects the adhesive from UV degradation. Sika Primer 209 must be used in conjunction with Sika's UV Shielding Tape.


  • The composition and quality of acrylic and polycarbonate sheet varies significantly. It is recommended that for crucial applications that the system, substrate, primer and adhesive, be tested using an artificial weathering decive e.g. QUV. Adhesion tests performed by Sika onto the actual plastic panel are recommended to confirm adhesion and compatibiltiy. Please consult Sika's technical department.

Method of application

  • Surfaces must be clean, dry and free from all traces of dust and grease. Wipe the bond face with Sika® Cleaner-205 and leave to dry. Shake the can of Sika® Primer-209 very thoroughly until paint mixing ball is heard to rattle freely, and apply a thin but covering coat with a brush or felt pad, do not spray. As organic glass is not a barrier to UV radiation it is essential to use a protective cover strip over the bond area (Sika's UV Shielding Tape). Mechanical fasteners should also be used to locate and assist in the retention of the organic glass. However pilot holes for fasteners (oversized) should be used to allow for expected thermal movement. Do not apply at temperatures below 10°C or above 30°C.


  • Sika® Primer-209 should be applied once only. Care must be taken to ensure that this single application gives adequately dense coverage. Coverage: 150 g per m2 approx. Reseal container tightly after use. Discard any primer that has gelled or separated.


Areas of application:
Sika® Primer-209 is suitable for application to the following substrates:

  • Paints, Acrylics
  • Alkyds/melamines
  • Baked enamels
  • Powder coatings
  • Plastics Acrylic (PMMA)
  • Polycarbonate
  • Polystyrene

Because paints and plastics vary so much in their chemical composition, preliminary trials are necessary. Always seek the manufacturer's advice before using the primer on plastics that are prone to stress cracking, such as acrylics or polycarbonates.


Technical product data:

  • Chemical base: Black pigmented polyurethane compound
  • Colour: Black
  • Density: (DIN 51757) 1.0 kg/l approx.
  • Viscosity: 20 mPas approx.
  • Flash point: (DIN 51755) -4°c
  • Solids content: 22% approx.
  • Drying time: (23°C / 50% R.H.) 30 minutes to 24 hours
  • Storage: Store in sealed container in a cool dry place
  • Shelf life: 9 months


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