Okuma Makaira 80Wii 2 Speed Game Reel With Makaira 5'10" 37Kg Fully Rollered Rod

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Advanced, unique 7 with numerous patents to its' credit, Makaira provides uncompromised excellence within every aspect of its' design, construction & performance.

Okuma Makaira 80WII 2 Speed Overhead Lever Drag Game Fishing Reel - 37kg:

4D System- Drive, Design, Drag, Durability!

Design, Drive, Drag and Durability' big game fisheries for billfish, large tuna and sharks will expose weakness in any one of these component systems with disastrous results. Embracing and addressing these four cornerstones, Okuma's multi-national design team, in cooperation with Tiburon Engineering, set out to reinvent the offshore reel. The two-speed Makaira series is the result. Advanced, unique and with numerous patents to its' credit, Makaira provides uncompromised excellence within every aspect of its' design, construction and performance. With sizes to meet the demands of big game fishing worldwide, the Okuma Makaira series sets a standard that will advance the ability and redefine the expectations of tournament crews, long-range anglers and private boaters. The Makaira series: Featuring some new and unique technology including a custom made thrust bearing to absorb frame pressure, patented ergonomic T-Bar handle, dual drag system and over 100lb's of drag with complete free spool on the 80w model!

Makaira Features
-6061-T6 machined aluminum frame with forged side plates
-Proprietary hybrid corrosion resistant stainless steel gearing
-Helical cut gears for extreme smoothness and gear meshing
-Makaira reels all feature two-speed gearing systems
-Gold anodized two-speed gear shifter housing
-Cold forged, Type-II anodized, machined aluminum spool
-CRC: Corrosion Resistant Coating process
-Patented spool pin system for use with braided or mono lines
-Carbonite Dual Force drag system featuring Cal's universal drag grease
-Custom designed thrust bearing: Alleviates side load on heavy drag settings
-4-pcs ABEC-5 precision Sapporo stainless steel rubber sealed ball bearings
-MK-80WII features 6-pcs of Sapporo ball bearings
-Double-dog, proprietary silent anti-reverse system
-Ratcheting drag lever and drag cam for precise drag setting
-Patented T-Bar handle with Easy Roll graphite insert on all models
-Heavy duty stainless steel ratcheting clicker system
-Heavy duty, precision stainless steel drive and spool shafts
-Type-II gold anodized frame, side plates, spool, drag lever and handle
-Open top frame design on MK-10II, 15II, 20II and 50II
-Lug and plug system on all open top reel models
-Machined thumb rest on rear cross bar for improved ergonomics
-Forged aluminum full hard anodized reel foot and reel clamp
-Machine-etched marlin logo on left side plate
-Precision placement of drain holes maximizes water removal from reel
-Special screw ports around side plate screws reduces water/corrosion buildup 



Model: MK-80Wll

Gear Ratio: 3.1:1 / 1.4:1

Bearings: 6BB + 1TB

Weight (g): 116 oz.

Line retrieve:  45.7" & 20.5"

Monofilament line capacity (diameter mm./M): 0.90/910 1.00/770 1.12/600

Frame Style: Crossbar

Max Drag @ Strike with Freespool: 70lb

Max Drag @ Full with Freespool: 100lb

Frame: AL

Side-plate: AL

Spool: AL


4D - Drive, Design, Drag, Durability

Design: Technology Driven Design
Drive: Helical drive system for improved gear meshing and cranking power.
Drag: Carbon fiber DFD with cal's Universal drag grease for maximum smoothness.
Durability: Cutting edge material and processing.

Dual Force Drag System 

The specialized carbon DFD or Dual Force Drag system used on all Makaira reels was specifically engineered to be mounted in the right side of the spool in order to bring all the mechanical workings closer together to maximize alignment and durability. The farther mechanical parts are separated the more opportunity there is for tolerance error and flexing which causes parts alignment issues. The DFD principal was specifically designed around the "Pull Bar Drag System". The major advantage to a "Pull Bar Drag System" is that the drag is being pulled rather than pushed. The most common type of lever drag in the industry is the "Push Bar Drag System". The Push Bar System places heavy pressure on the left side plate and utilizes the frame for overall stability which is a fatal flaw in this type of design. This pressure creates frame flex, reducing drag pressure and causing tolerance alignment issues. This problem is further exaggerated on open top designs from other companies. One of the major benefits to the pull bar design is that there is no pressure placed on the frame. Therefore, our open top frame designs will not suffer frame flex found in our competitors reels.
This highly efficient drag system was designed and engineered by Tiburon Engineering USA to increase maximum drag pressure, reduce side load pressure on ball bearings and improve heat dissipation for long term smoothness over extended periods. This Okuma DFD is considered a wet drag system comprised of two carbon fiber drag washers that are sandwiched together and bonded with a fiber glass core. Pure carbon washers are coated with a thin layer of Cal Sheet's Universal drag grease for virtually zero start up inertia. These washers are compressed by two precision ground 17-4 grade stainless steel drag plates that have been ground flat then polished for maximum smoothness. These stainless steel friction drag plates have a minimum 32 Rockwell hardness allowing for high-end drag settings and consistently smooth drag performance at all ranges. The drag system is secured to the right side of the spool by a 6061-T6 grade aluminum cover that features Type-II anodizing for maximum alignment, strength and corrosion resistance.

Silent anti-reverse

The Makaira's proprietary anti-reverse system allows for a smoother and quieter feeling. We equate this feeling to that of a Lexus, when compared to other reels in the market. Most reels in the market hide their rough gear quality by the noise and vibration caused by the engagement and clacking of the anti-reverse pawls. The Okuma silent system is unlike any other 2-speed reel in the industry for smoothness. This anti-reverse system is supported by a 12 point double dog anti-reverse pawl system. The Makaira system is very simple in principal but the performance is extremely advanced. As you turn the reel forward the anti-reverse pawls slide open allowing a friction free and quiet retrieve. As soon as the handle is stopped or pulled backwards the anti-reverse pawls are engaged into place by their drive shaft actuated sliding system. The strength of this anti-reverse system does not solely rely on a dog spring like found on most of our competitors reels. The sliding function does not rely heavily on a dog spring system and is mainly controlled by the forward and reverse movement applied to the drive shaft through the movement of the angler turning the handle.

Helical Cut Gearing

Makaira lever drag reels utilize helical cut main and pinion gears. This process allows for improved gear meshing which equates to improved gear smoothness. The angled teeth found in helical cut gears engage more gradually than straight cut or spur gear teeth. This allows helical gears to run smoother and quieter compared to spur gears. Spur gears cause impact stress and noise, because of the hard meshing and can not take as much torque as helical gears because their teeth are receiving impact blows as they mesh together.

OKUMA 5'10" 37kg Fully Rollered ALPS Makaira Game Rod:

The new weapon in the Makaira army. The Makaira rod has been constructed from durable E-Glass materials with insight from Composite Developments designed tapers. Loaded with ALPS bearing roller guides, Aluminium ALPS reel seats and a detachable ALPS butt section, this rod is equipped for the Makaira 80II or 50II, and is a big game legend.

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