Inter Epifill 2:1 2 Pot Epoxy Filler - 335G

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Suitable for above and below the waterline.

Epiglass Epifill is a general purpose white, two-pack epoxy filler designed for a wide range of filling applications in both marine and general areas.

Do not apply over one-pack systems.

A medium to high density general purpose two pack epoxy based filler.
* Thixotropic giving no sag
* May be drilled, tapped and used under high compressive loads
* May be used for coving and a wide range of filling jobs
* Smooth and easy to mix
* Use above and below the waterline
* Ideal for fairing keels

Colour YAA051-White Cured film is white.
Finish- Matt
Specific Gravity- 1.2
Volume Solids- 100%
Mix Ratio 2:1 by volume (as supplied)

DRYING-Sandable/Pot Life:

10ºC: Sandable 36hrs, Pot life 2hrs.

15ºC: Sandable 32hrs, Pot Life 1hrs.

23ºC: Sandable 16hrs, Pot Life 40mins.

35ºC: Sandable 8hrs, Pot Life 20mins.

Overcoating Substrate Temperature- Overcoated by Interprotect: (Minimum)

10ºC: 36 hours

15ºC: 32 hours

23ºC: 16 hours

35ºC: 8 hours

Max for all:-

**Note: All fillers should be sanded before overcoating to ensure good adhesion.

Preparation All substrates must be clean, dry and free from contaminants.


Mixing Mix the two components thoroughly to an even colour.
Thinning Do not thin.
Cleaner YTA061 International Epoxy Thinners #7. Clean before product has started to gel. Once cured, the product is very difficult to remove.
Ventilation and Humidity Control Ensure adequate ventilation during use.

Some Important Points:

Do not use below 10°C/50°F. Product temperature should be minimum 10°C and maximum 25°C. Ambient temperature should be minimum 10°C and maximum 35°C. Substrate temperature should be minimum 10°C and maximum 30°C.


For use above and below the waterline. It should not be used over any one pack products. Not suitable for use with some pretreated timbers.

Number of Coats- As required

Coverage (Theoretical) - 0.10 (m²/lt) at a thickness of 10 mm

Recommended- DFT

Application Methods- Trowel, Knife / Spatula

Visit the International Yacht Paints website via this link for more painting & product advice.




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